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  • News from the diesel front during Friedrichshafen Aero Show (April 2014).
    I attended the Aero Show in Friedrichshafen (Germany), now well established as the biggest GA show in Europe. This report talks about Cessna, Redbird (Redhawk), Piper, Continental-Centurion, Robin Aircraft, SMA Engines, CMD, Diamond and Austro Engine, Cirrus, and emergence of the 300-400HP diesel engine. Cessna: The 182 JT-A diesel, OEM’d with the SMA diesel, wasn’t […]
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Liberty XL2 fitted with the British WAM120 turbodiesel engine.

LIBERTY may become the first manufacturer to use the Wilksch WAM120 turbodiesel aero engine in a factory-built certified aircraft. 

Florida-based Liberty, which has strong UK links, showed off an XL2 fitted with the 120hp three-cylinder Jet-A1 burning engine at the EAA AirVenture.

Paul Bartlett, the British boss of Liberty, told LOOP that the engine was a "strategic must for us". He continued: "The engine is the right size, has the right amount of power, weighs no more than the current Continental engine and offers 120kt at a fuel burn of 5.5 US gallons per hour."

Most importantly for Liberty, an aircraft using relatively low-cost Jet-A1 would be highly attractive in Europe, and elsewhere in the world where the supply of avgas is limited.

Liberty also launched the XL2 Vanguard, an up-spec version of the aircraft fitted with dual Aspen Avionics electronic flight displays which replace the Vision Systems engine displays.

W: www.libertyaircraft.com

New up-spec Vanguard version of the Liberty XL2.

Twin Aspen EFIS panel fitted to new Liberty XL2 Vanguard.


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